The Human Virome in Health and Disease

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This study was terminated in September 2020.


This study is part of the Antimicrobial Resistance study referenced below, Some samples were used from the Cohort for Tuberculosis Research by the Indo-US Medical Partnership (C-TRIUMPH), under the Regional Prospective Observational Research for Tuberculosis (RePORT) Network, an international TB consortium.


Objective 1: To use novel molecular techniques to characterize the human virome in the circulating blood of patients in clinical settings who presented to an acute care setting with an acute febrile illness and in whom a diagnosis cannot be achieved by conventional methods. Healthy controls will be included in the study.


Objective 2: To employ a case-control study design to identify novel viruses that may cause acute febrile illnesses among patients and that are not detected in matched controls.


We will test de-identified serum and plasma samples that have been already collected, banked, and frozen from patients enrolled in existing cohorts. The first cohort that we will test is the Bacterial Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns in Pune, India study, and includes participants who have have consented to have samples stored for future studies. We will also start to prospectively save de-identified waste serum from the C-TRIUMPH study, cohort B of healthy participants who are tuberculosis contacts. Cases and positive controls will be selected from the antimicrobial study and negative controls will be selected at random from healthy household contacts from the C-TRIUMPH study.


Future investigations will include, but not be limited to, available serum/plasma repositories in Uganda and in the US.


BJGMC, Pune, India