BWI CTU: Baltimore-Washington-India Clinical Trials Unit

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Comprising clinical trial sites at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Whitman Walker Health in Washington, DC, and the BJGMC-CCGHE collaboration in Pune, India, the Baltimore-Washington-India Clinical Trials Unit (BWI-CTU) is one of only 25 international HIV/TB clinical trial sites funded by the US NIH, and the only NIH-funded site to conduct HIV/TB network studies in children and pregnant women in India. The BWI-CTU research group participates in clinical trials that address and contribute to two research priority areas:  

  1. Prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission
  2. Optimization of clinical management of HIV/AIDS, including optimal treatment regimens for adults and children with HIV as well as prevention and treatment of TB, cryptococcal meningitis, HPV co-infections and other HIV-related conditions


In collaboration with two NIAID HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials networks (the AIDS Clinical Trials Group [ACTG] and the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials [IMPAACT] group), the BJGMC-CCGHE research collaborative has been part of more than a dozen clinical trials—before the current BWI-CTU grant, from February 2007 through November 2013, CCGHE and BJGMC partnered to conduct clinical trials as the BGJMC Clinical Trials Unit.

  • BJGMC, Pune, India
  • Whitman Walker Health, Washington, DC
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, MD