C-TRIUMPH Pilot Study: Burden and Risk Factors for Drug-resistant Tuberculosis in Pune, India

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This pilot study ended in April 2015.
Drug resistant TB (MDR-TB and XDR-TB) is increasing worldwide. Although 20% of all global TB cases occur in India, current estimates of the burden of MDR-TB in India are limited. A well-characterized TB clinical cohort, household cohort and control cohort would provide important epidemiological, clinical and basic science data focused on the risk of developing active TB, TB diagnosis, response to treatment, and outcome of drug-susceptible and MDR-TB. We are conducting a pilot study to establish 3 cohorts: an active TB cohort (Cohort 1), a household contact cohort (Cohort 2) and a household control cohort (Cohort 3) that will provide clinical and epidemiological data and serve as a framework for the collection and storage of sputum, serum, urine, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), host mRNA and DNA, and other biological specimens for biobanking in a central repository to be used in laboratory studies to evaluate candidate biomarkers of TB treatment response.