CCGHE at AIDS 2016

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High Risk for Loss to Follow-Up among Adolescents Living with HIV in Pune, India.

Authors: Nimkar S, Valvi C, Khadse S, Kadam D, Kinikar A, Marbaniang I, Rewari BB, Chandanwale A, Suryavanshi N, Patil S, Nevrekar N, Raichur P, Gupta A, Mave V. 

Tuesday, July 19


Rapid Diagnosis, Linkage and Treatment Initiation of Patients with Drug-resistant Tuberculosis in South Africa: The miLINC Solution to Improve Access to Care. 

Authors: Farley JE, Seiguer S, Naicker M, McKenzie-White J, Greg C, Elmi M, Stevens W, Stewart-Isherwood L. 

Wednesday, July 20  |  12:30 - 14:30  |  Poster Exhibition Area


A Cluster-Randomized Trial to Promote Combination HIV Prevention Using M-health-Supported CHWs in a High-Prevalence Fishing Community: Design and Baseline Characteristics of the mLAKE Trial in Rakai, Uganda. 

Authors: Chang L, Mbabali I, Kong X, Hutton H, Long A, Thomas A, Bugos E, Ssekasanvu J, Kennedy C, Amico R, Nalugoda F, Reynolds S, Quinn T, Serwadda D, Wawer M, Gray R, Nakigozi G.

Thursday, July 21  |  12:30 - 14:30  |  Poster Exhibition Area


Outreach Workers in the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) Programme in India: Challenges and Opportunities. 

Authors: Suryavanshi N, Mave V, Kadam A, Kanade S, Sivalenka S, Sampath K, Harve P, Gupta RS, Hegde A, McKenzie-White J, Gupte N, Gupta A, Bollinger RC, Shankar AV. 

Thursday, July 21  |  12:30 - 14:30  |  Poster Exhibition Area