Early childhood growth among Mahadev Koli tribes of Maharashtra

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Voice of Intellectual Man

The present study aims “to study the growth status of the children of age group 0 to 5 years of Mahadev koli”. This cross-sectional study focuses on growth of children of age group 0 to 5 years in Ambegaon Taluka, Pune district, Maharashtra. Using De-facto population, 110 Mahadev Koli- 51 girls and 59 boys were screened. Data were collected through Anthropometry and Interview Schedules. Anthropometric parameters, height and weight show that children of Mahadev koli have low growth status. According to Gomez Classification, in boys, Weight-for-age, shows, 13.79% Grade I, 60.34% Grade II malnutrition, 22.41% Grade III malnutrition and 3.44% are normal. In boys, Weight-for-height shows 48.27% severe malnutrition, 37.75% moderate malnutrition, 10.34% marginal malnutrition and 8.62% normal. In case of girls, by Weight-for-age, 1.96% girls are normal, 41.17% are Grade III malnourished, 21.56% are Grade II malnourished and 35.29% Grade I malnourished while by Weight-for-height, 13.72% girls are normal, 39.21% are severely malnourished, 27.45% are moderately malnourished and 19.60% are marginally malnourished. According to Waterlow's classification, in boys, 37.93% are severely malnourished, 39.65% are moderately malnourished, 18.96% are marginal malnourished and 3.44% are Normal while in girls, 49.01% are severely malnourished, 27.45% are moderately malnourished, 9.80% are marginal malnourished and 13.72% are normal. According to HC/CC ratio, only 1 year girls are malnourished and others are normal and boys of age group 1 to 5 years are normal. Maternal age, birth spacing and parity were found to be the influencing factors. The overall growth status of boys and girls are low.

Hemlata Shedge, Shaunak Kulkarni. Early Childhood Growth among Mahadev Koli tribes of Maharashtra. Voice of Intellectual Man Lucknow, Jan-June 2011, Vol.1, No.1, Pg.no. 63-78, ISSN 2231-6914

University of Pune Department of Anthropology, Pune (India).