Field Study In India: Returning to the U.S.

TB TEST: You should be tested for TB infection upon your return—either TST (tuberculin skin test) or interferon gamma release assay (blood test).

FIELD REPORT: If you were sponsored through a formal travel award, fellowship, or scholarship and are required to submit a reflection for that program, please submit that to Molly Bowen (molly.bowen[at] If you presented at BJGMC, that report will suffice. If you were at a different site, please submit a ~1 page report summarizing your experience, what you accomplished, how this fits into your academic/career goals, and next steps for producing research output. Please submit within 6 weeks of return, and include any photos you took.

FIELD STUDY SURVEY: Please complete the Post Field Study Survey

BIO AND HEADSHOT: Send 1 paragraph bio to Molly Bowen (molly.bowen[at] for the CCGHE website, including: 1) education; 2) background; 3) funding for trip to India; 4) scope of work in India. Please also send a high resolution headshot or your JHED ID photo. You can find examples of bios under Scholars.

MAINTAIN CONTACT: Your India and JHU mentors must be kept apprised of the status of your work and any products you are working on, including, but not limited to, abstracts or manuscript.