Health Systems and Tuberculosis Control

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Essential Tuberculosis

This chapter discusses the relationship between health systems and organization of tuberculosis (TB) control, which is generally a part and parcel of a health system. It juxtaposes the six building blocks of a health system identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) on WHO’s End TB Strategy to show that Ending TB will require sustained attention to both the specific actions that are essential to controlling TB and strengthening of the general health system on which most TB-specific actions are dependent. Health systems in many countries comprise a large private health sector. The chapter also discusses the significance of and ways to engage private healthcare providers in TB control.

Uplekar M., Atre S. (2021) Health Systems and Tuberculosis Control. In: Migliori G.B., Raviglione M.C. (eds) Essential Tuberculosis. Springer, Cham.