MAL adaptor (TIRAP) S180L polymorphism and severity of disease among tuberculosis patients

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Infection, Genetics, and Evolution


Though several genetic variants have been recognized to be associated with susceptibility to Tuberculosis (TB) infection and disease, a recent observation on the association of TIRAP C975T (S180L) variants with TB disease severity in mice model prompted us to assess their relevance in humans. In addition, TIRAP variants have also been reported to be associated with varied circulating Interferon-gamma induced protein (IP-10) levels. We investigated the association of TIRAP variants with severity of TB disease and IP-10 production in humans, which may be useful in predicting poor clinical outcome.


Culture positive symptomatic adult pulmonary TB (PTB) patients enrolled between August 2014 and October 2017 were included in this investigation. Allelic discrimination PCR and conventional IP-10 quantification methods were employed for genotyping and IP-10 measurement followed by statistical investigations to analyse patients' variables.


Among 211 participants, C/C allele was identified in 70% (n = 147); 26% (n = 55) and 4% (n = 9) had C/T and T/T alleles respectively. There was no significant association between TIRAP variants and smear grade, chest-X-ray score, symptom severity score and circulating IP-10 levels. However, significant association was observed between i) circulating IP-10 levels and time to Mycobacterium Growth Indicator Tube (MGIT) culture conversion (p =0.032); ii) smear grade among active TB patients and circulating IP-10 levels (p =0 .032).


Although mice experiments showed promising results with more severe disease in C/C and T/T individuals, we did not observe any such association in humans.

Saranathan R, Sathyamurthi P, Thiruvengadam K, Murugesan S, Shivakumar SVBY, NS Gomathi, Kavitha D, Paradkar M, Puvaneshwari R, Kannan M, Madheswaran A, Pradhan N, Kulkarni V, Gupte AN, Gupte N, Mave V, Bollinger RC, Gupta A, Chandrasekaran P, Hanna LE. MAL adaptor (TIRAP) S180L polymorphism and severity of disease among tuberculosis patients. Infection, Genetics, and Evolution. 2020 Jan(44). Epub ahead of print 2019 Oct 31. PMID: 31678649.