Mentoring your mentor

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In this episode we discuss mentoring and how you as the mentee can and should drive this relationship. The idea behind this episode is for mentees to drive the mentoring relationship. By having a structured approach, it can diminish the hierarchical structure you would expect. Monica and Vidya share their experiences of setting a standard in a new mentoring relationship.

Takeaways from today's episode: 
1. Traditional mentoring is often ad-hoc and vague whereas a structured mentoring programme with the right tools, resources and recognition is more effective.
2. Mentees should be responsible for setting up research agenda and lead discussion with mentors and take ownership of careers and research projects
3. A mentor owes time and should be accessible to impart essential skills for research and life skills, and a mentee should show gratitude to the mentor
4. Mentorship should be agenda-driven with written agreements of action items between mentor and mentee, serving as a living proof of progress
Having a clear mentorship structure which maintains respect and cultural expectations, overcomes barriers  of hierarchy