TBM Kids Substudy: Assessment of Neurocognitive Functions in Children with Tuberculosis Meningitis and Healthy Control Children Using the Mullen Scale of Early Learning Attending a Tertiary Care Public Hospital in Pune, India

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This study was terminated effective: 2/16/2022


Objectives: The aim of the present study is to examine the neurological deficit in TBM kids and for that we need to assess, feasibility of the MSEL in our set up  an Indian population of healthy children and  children with meningitis  in particular TB meningitis(TBM). The primary objective of the study is to adapt and examine the feasibility of Mullen scale of Early Learning in assessing neurocognitive functions in normal healthy children visiting BJGMC& SGH, neurocognitive assessment will be performed in these healthy children.  To establish the age-sex matched control group population for the study TBM Kids trial which will be conducted at BJGMC & SGH. The establishment of the healthy control group will help provide researchers with a comparison group for neurocognitive test results in children with TBM, as one of the outcomes of the disease is neurological deficit which results into cognitive, motor, and behavioural problems.


The study has two aims:


  1. To adapt the MSEL for Indian children to make it culturally appropriate and meaningful

  2. To assess neurocognitive function among healthy children and children with suspected TBM with MSEL