Prevalence and Risk Factors for Oral Cancer among HIV-Infected Adults

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This study was terminated effective 8/26/22

The study is designed as a cross-sectional, single time point study for opportunistic oral cancer screening of HIV-infected and non- HIV adults 21 years or older in an urban hospital. All participants will undergo screening for oral cancer and oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMD) by visual inspection performed by trained non-medical counselors. A validated mHealth application, “Oncogrid”, will be utilized to assess clinical characteristics, behavioral risk factors for oral cancer and capture oral cavity images. Additionally, an oral rinse for HPV-detection will be collected and evaluated using the Cepheid® Xpert platform. Participants who test positive for oncogenic oral HPV or have a clinically suspicious malignant or potentially malignant lesion will be evaluated by an oral medicine expert or a equivalent specialist and undergo a biopsy and/or nasopharyngoscopy when indicated to confirm diagnosis.



  • To estimate and compare the prevalence of OPMD and oral malignant lesions in non-HIV and HIV-infected adult Indian population
  • To estimate the prevalence of oral HPV and its subtypes in non-HIV  and HIV-infected adult population  

Secondary: To assess risk factors for OPMD and oral malignant lesions in this population