2017 Directors' Statement

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A New Decade of Global Health Impact

The CCGHE recently marked its 10-year anniversary, and it’s an occasion that affords an opportunity to reflect on the progress we’ve made so far, and envision what lies ahead. We are encouraged by the changes we’ve seen in health outcomes for people living with infectious diseases in resource-limited countries, and we are committed to sustaining momentum.

We attribute our longevity to successful and meaningful global partnerships we’ve established with collaborators who share our vision for a connected network of top quality health researchers. Our partnerships in India, particularly, have produced sweeping changes in global health prevention and treatment recommendations, and are the foundation for explosive growth in our programs. When we reflect on having provided HIV testing and counseling for more than 260,000 pregnant mothers, and having protected more than 2000 infants from acquiring HIV infection, we see how powerful these partnerships are.

We are enormously proud of our education platforms. We’ve designed and delivered scores of courses for care providers and students around the world—classroom courses, videoconference medical seminars, and open source learning platform courses—providing instruction on conducting clinical research and delivering care in remote settings, and training in-country medical education professionals to establish such platforms on their own.

Our work in Uganda catalyzed the development of emocha®, a mobile health platform that aids clinical care and provides health education resources. Now available commercially through Baltimore-based emocha® Mobile Health, Inc., the platform is being used all over the world to monitor outbreaks, refer patients into care quickly, and keep patients engaged in treatment. It’s just one example of our commitment to leveraging affordable technology in the delivery of clinical care and education globally.

As much as we are able to accomplish in a year, or ten, we are deeply committed to sustaining progress over generations. The formal mentorships and experience-based learning opportunities we provide for clinical researchers from in-country partner institutions and for students here at Hopkins are designed to ensure that there is a steady flow of regional and global leadership who are bold, and ambitious, and capable of strategizing, conceptualizing, directing, and implementing changes in health outcomes we can only begin to imagine.

More about our work can be found in our Global Impact report. We enter our second decade grateful for continued opportunities to make a difference in the world, and humbled by the trust our supporters show in us to do so.