CCGHE Joins the Alliance of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

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CCGHE recently joined the Alliance of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, a consortium whose mission is to “establish responsible, ethical, and reasonable standards for the development and implementation of AI in healthcare.” Members hail from academic, research, industry, and NGO sectors, both in the U.S. and internationally, working to leverage artificial intelligence technology to improve the health of patients and societies.

CCGHE has developed and leveraged smart IT tools including mobile health technologies, point-of-need diagnostics and data analytics to address global health priorities for more than a decade. The CCGHE mission is to ensure access to high quality care for patients in resource-limited settings and to support care providers with more efficient and economical ways to improve patient health.

AAIH’s mission dovetails very well with our own work at Hopkins,” CCGHE Director Dr. Robert Bollinger noted. “AI and big data analytics have the potential to transform health care in many ways. It is important that patients and communities in the world that suffer the greatest burden of disease also benefit from this disruptive technology. AI in healthcare is a relatively new field that needs guidance and standards, and AAIH is serving a critical role in building consensus and productive partnerships around this burgeoning field.”

The Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering is also a member of AAIH.