Global Grand Rounds in ID (2019-10-23)


59 year old man with history of fever and  weight loss  for 4 weeks, severe headache, vomiting, slurring of speech, right hemiparesis for 2 weeks.


59 year old man who presents in March 2019 with:

  • Intermittent high grade fever with chills for 4 weeks.

  • Severe holocranial headache (started 2 weeks after onset of fever) radiating to neck and worsens on exposure to light.

  • Vomiting, non bilious, non projectile for 2 weeks.

  • Slurring of speech and weakness of right side of body started 2 weeks after the onset of fever and has gradually worsened over time.

  • Loss of weight (6 kg over 2 months)


Dr. Prya
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Length of Presentation: 
46 minutes 12 seconds