Global Grand Rounds in ID (2021-08-25)


A 30 year old male, manual labourer by occupation presented with complaints of-

  • Tingling sensation of  limbs since 4 days

  • Weakness of  limbs since 2 days  

Patient was apparently alright 4 days ago when he developed

  • Tingling sensation in both upper and lower limbs, which was sudden onset and progressive in nature

  • 2 days later he developed weakness of both lower limbs, sudden onset, initially  present at  feet, then progressed to legs and thighs and was unable to get up from bed, no aggravating and relieving factors, non episodic type

  • Next day weakness progressed to upper limb causing difficulty in lifting objects and combing hair


Dr. Nikhilesh Rayannavar
No Disclosures
Length of Presentation: 
46 minutes 32 seconds