How we solved COVID

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Might the way we came together to tackle this crisis change that, paving the way for better-resourced disease research? Dr Bob Bollinger, Professor of Infectious Diseases at Baltimore, USA's Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, says it's possible, particularly for public research. "Such fast development of tests and vaccines are a clear example of the collaboration between scientists and the importance of public investment," he says. "Many of the scientists who made critical discoveries worked at universities and public agencies."

Better yet—and back to the notion of responding to news cycles rather than health crises—we shouldn't forget the advances in other fields even if there have been no grand announcements of cures. "We have two vaccines that prevent cancer and oral medications that can cure hepatitis C, one of the biggest causes of liver cancer. New classes of diabetes medications help reduce coronary vascular disease complications and reduce total mortality," says family medicine physician Dr Puja Uppal of Michigan. "These are all huge accomplishments!"