India's National Digital Health Mission and the Patient Data Revolution, Co-Hosted by the Johns Hopkins India Institute

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For decades, global health systems have been transitioning from paper to electronic health records to improve patient data accessibility, particularly to facilitate epidemiological study and preventive care. At the same time, they have wrestled with challenges such as interoperability – the ability to access and share records across disparate digital platforms.

India’s National Health Authority, under the leadership of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health alumnus Indu Bhushan, embarked in August on its audacious National Digital Health Mission (NDHM), to provide each of India’s 1.3 billion citizens a unique, digital health identifier gathering all health records in a single, unified system. The NDHM could revolutionize not only personal care but also the study of population-wide diseases in India and beyond. Join Dr. Bhushan in a conversation with David Peters to learn about India’s efforts, challenges reaching and integrating patient records across massive and diverse demographics, and the outcomes it envisions. Featuring a special introduction by Alex Triantis, Dean of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School