Pune : HIV infected people will get TB treatment from six months to a month

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Pune Mirror

Pune : As the immunity of HIV-infected patients is low, they are more prone to developing 'tuberculosis' (TB). For which they are given Isonized Preventive Therapy (IPT) on daily bases for the initial six months to prevent them from contracting TB. However, a study has been kick started where the HIV-infected patients are taking treatment at BJ Government Medical College in Pune to see if the risk of TB can be prevented by giving the dose of this medicine within a month instead of six months. If successful, it will help change treatment across the country.

Director Dr. Nishi Suryavanshi, said, “One to Three HP' trial will generate scientific evidence for ultra-short-term TB preventive regimens. This may improve the TB prevention guideline system and policy in India. In turn, this study will help expand medical research on TB-HIV. In this, Dr. Neetal Neverrekar and team will be instrumental in implementing the study.”