TB Case Discussion (2015-01-21) - Case 2


50 year old woman, PMH of diabetes, HbA1c of 12.6 who presented to her PCP with 2 months of cough on 8/12/14.  ROS: fatigue.  PMH: known prior +TST, seen in TB clinic 14 years prior, LTBI treatment not recommended (age <35 years and in the US >5 years at that time).  SocHX:  Originally from Mexico, moved to the US in 1978.  Elementary school teacher.  No tobacco/EtoH.  Lives with 18 year old and 27 year old daughters, 2 grandchildren.  FH: Aunt died of TB 30 years ago.  Meds: Metformin, simvastatin.

Dr. Michelle Haas
No Disclosures
Length of Presentation: 
39 minutes