World AIDS Day: BJGMC Team Offers Community Counseling and Preventive Care

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By Dr. Ivan Marbaniang

December 21, 2017—Each year, World AIDS Day serves as time for important community outreach at the BJGMC Clinical Research Site. This year was no different.

On Friday, December 1, 150 people participated in a non-communicable diseases awareness camp for people living with HIV that was convened by the BJGMC-CRS Team at the Antiretroviral Therapy Center at Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune.  Activities were led by Dr. Shashikala Sangle (Principal Investigator of TREAT Asia studies), Dr. Sandesh Patil (Clinical Coordinator at BJGMC-CRS), Mrs. Suhasini Surwase (TREAT Asia Counselor) and counselors Mrs. Archana Pawar and Mrs. Kanta Zarekar.

Discussions and activities were focused on the complications of having HIV and non-communicable disease, and the importance of identifying symptoms associated with non-communicable diseases and getting regular screenings to facilitate early diagnosis and prevent severe disease. Free blood sugar and blood pressure screenings were offered. Following biometric assessment, counselors spoke with attendees about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and exercise, while taking antiretroviral therapy. To incentivize healthy nutrition, attendees were provided with fruits at the end of their assessment.

The team developed a rolling presentation covering the essentials about non-communicable that was was played throughout the day. The BJGMC-CRS team would like to extend their gratitude to Dr. Sangle and all the ART center staff for helping to make this program successful!