India HIV Clinical Case Conference (2015-07-15) - Case 1


A 24 year old woman presented to an emergency department in the United States during the month of February with 2 weeks of a dry cough and 1 week of fevers up to 39 degrees Celsius. She also had scattered flesh-colored papules on her face and trunk that had appeared 1 week prior to presentation. She had no other associated symptoms or significant past medical history; she had never had an HIV test. She had not been around anyone who had been ill. She was unemployed and lived in an apartment with a friend. She occasionally injected heroin and used marijuana, but did not smoke tobacco or drink alcohol. 

Physical Exam

Temperature=39.0  Heart Rate=100  Respiratory Rate=20  Blood Pressure=110/70  Oxygen Saturation= 95%

Initial Labs

Chest X ray

“Nodular/ reticular densities throughout both lung fields” 

Chest CT

Ill-defined nodular/ reticular densities throughout both lung fields

What is your differential diagnosis?

Dr. Natasha Chida
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You said she had a two weeks dry cough and a one week fever , dry cough and fever are one of the symptoms of TB ,chest x ray and chest ct ,acording to me she might have PTB ,and sharing the same neddle with afrien ,injecting himself with marijuana ,also it can be one of the side effects of marijuana ,because it actuaaly affect the lungs.


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Thank you for you feedback on this case!

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