2016 Global Health Established Field Placement Awardees

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The following Johns Hopkins students received Global Health Established Field Placement Awards to work on CCGHE research studies in India and Uganda. Each student is spending a minimum of 6 weeks in the field, and each has been awarded $3500 from the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health for travel costs. Congratulations Shivani, Abhilash, and Kristin!

Shivani Mehta

BS/BA Candidate at the Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Placement: Pune, India: BJGMC

Research Study: Maternal Inflammation, Diet and Gut Microbiome in HIV: Impact on Infant Outcomes

Faculty Mentor: Rupak Shivakoti


Abhilash Suresh

BS/BA Candidate. Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

Placement: Pune, India: BJGMC. Chennai, India: National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis

Research Study: RePORT: Cohort for Tuberculosis Research by the Indo-US Medical Partnership. Residual Respiratory Impairment Following Pulmonary Tuberculosis Substudy

Faculty Mentor: Amita Gupta



Kristin Thomas

MSPH Candidate. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Placement: Rakai, Uganda: Rakai Health Sciences Program

Research and Technology Study: Community Health Workers, mHealth, and Combination HIV Prevention in a Hotspot: A Randomized Trial

Faculty Mentor: Larry Chang