Shivani Mehta

Baltimore, Maryland

Shivani Mehta is a BS/BA candidate (2018) in public health at the Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, who is working with Drs. Rupak Shivakoti and Mallika Alexander on Maternal Inflammation, Diet and Gut Microbiome in HIV: Impact on Infant Outcomes. Ms. Mehta spent June and July 2016 at BJGMC in Pune, India, working under Dr. Alexander.



From Ms. Mehta's Field Report:

This week, as the patients come in, I have been sitting with the counselors and shadowing them as they fill out the screening [case report forms]. It is very easy to follow because I can look at the answers they are choosing in order to understand the patient’s response. I also help the counselors with software if they need help, or if they are having any simple technical issues that I can fix. Since I am familiar with the CRF’s because of the variable coding, shadowing has been one of my favorite experiences so far because it is application of the study questions in real life. This experience makes me realize the beauty of a public health research study and the desire that I can learn the process, so I can do something like this on my own one day.