“Bridging the Gaps”: Understanding the Barriers and Facilitators in the Tuberculosis Prevention Care Cascade for Optimizing Isoniazid Preventive Therapy Uptake among Adults Living with HIV in India, a Mixed-Method Approach

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The isoniazid preventive therapy policy has achieved limited success in low and middle-income countries. With limited empirical research exploring the barriers to suboptimal IPT uptake, it is important to understand this knowledge gap. Also, limited programmatic strategies exist to address this problem. Therefore studying the barriers to and facilitators for IPT uptake would serve public health for prevention of TB among adult PLHIV in India and similar HIV-TB burdened settings. Dissemination of this evidence will help to identify strategies and devise targeted interventions to enhance IPT uptake. As newer TB preventive regimens are being planned, this study could serve as a reference for their successful implementation in near future. 



  1. To investigate the barriers to IPT uptake among adult PLHIV
  2. To identify possible strategies (facilitators) to improve the uptake of IPT