Characterization of Findings on Upper Endoscopy in a Public Hospital in Pune, India

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This study was terminated July 6, 2017.
BJMC is the primary facility for non-emergency endoscopies for a large portion of Pune's underserved population. Currently, there is limited data on the endoscopic findings in resource-limited settings, where the population receiving endoscopic evaluation may have clinically progressed findings. Better understanding of the present common indications for endoscopy and follow-up rate may inform further interventions that can improve the GI health of the surrounding catchment area. This study will aim to characterize the types and frequency of clinical findings on endoscopy through an observational study of endoscopies performed at BJMC. 
Objectives (include all primary and secondary objectives)
Primary: Evaluate the types and frequency of clinical findings on endoscopy 
  1. Evaluate the proportion of patients who return for follow up endoscopy when advised
  2. Aim to enlighten a unique clinical problem that can be further explored in a follow up study