Matthew Williams

Multimedia Specialist

Matt Williams is CIDI's Multimedia Specialist. He records and broadcasts various live events, such as ongoing case discussions, topic lectures, and conferences. Knowledgeable in the use of Polycom and Mediasite equipment as well as relevant security issues, he connects with other sites around the globe for videoconferencing. In addition to editing and updating multimedia content, he provides IT support to faculty and staff and contributes to ongoing web development.

Matt has been with Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases going on 31 years, and is a founding member of both CIDI and its predecessor, CCGHE.

Long-Acting/Extended Release Antiretroviral Resource Program (LEAP)

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Learn more about this effort to foster development of long-lasting therapies for illnesses that require taking medications long-term

BWI CTU: Baltimore-Washington-India Clinical Trials Unit

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Clinical Sites: 
Comprising clinical trial sites at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Whitman Walker Health in Washington, DC, and the BJGMC-CCGHE collaboration in Pune, India, the Baltimore-Washington-India Clinical Trials Unit (BWI-CTU) is one of only 25 international HIV/TB clinical trial sites funded by the...

Uniting for a Healthier India

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"The Indo-US clinical research & education partnership started with a single NIH grant to study maternal-infant HIV transmission." Now with 76 studies underway, this short film chronicles the history & impact of our work in India.