Tuberculosis (TB) Aftermath

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Drs. Vidya Mave and Jonathan Golub are co-PIs and Dr. Barthwal from DY Patil Medical College is local site PI for this study.

TB Aftermath seeks to provide evidence for an effective and scalable strategy targeting HHs of treated TB cases, a high priority of the NTEP.

To compare the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and feasibility of two Active Case Finding (ACF) strategies that are presently being considered by the India’s Revised National TB Control Program (RNTCP), hereafter referred as National TB Elimination (NTEP) for detecting recurrent TB and provide evidence needed to implement and scale up the preferred intervention. 

Primary aims

  1. To conduct a non-inferiority randomized trial to measure the comparative effectiveness of two potentially implementable ACF interventions within the NTEP, conducted by existing NTEP health care workers (HCWs). 
  2. To characterize implementation processes of the ACF interventions using the RE-AIM framework to inform their future scale-up and sustainability.
  3. To model the impact and cost effectiveness of the ACF interventions evaluated in the trial, and of potential alternative strategies for the targeting and timing of those interventions.