WHO recognizes tuberculosis (TB) as one of the major public health challenges in Pakistan. Pakistan ranks fifth among high TB burden countries worldwide and accounts for 61% of the TB burden in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO). Among the estimated 420,000 new TB cases in Pakistan each year, half are sputum smear positive.  Notably, Pakistan is estimated to have the fourth highest prevalence of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) in the world.


CCGHE has partnered with Indus Hospital (Karachi, Pakistan) and several Indian institutions to develop and deploy a comprehensive distance clinical education program delivered by world TB experts. CCGHE provides open access to a self-paced, online version of this course, extending the impact to a global audience. Go to Self-Paced Course


Global health education for medical students: New learning opportunities and strategies

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Medical Teacher
Background: A new course was offered to introduce basic global health concepts to all first year Johns Hopkins medical students, that took advantage of new distance learning capacity to connect medical students in Baltimore with students and faculty in Uganda, Ethiopia, Pakistan and India...
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